Back in january 2013 i ventured out in the online world of mooc’s, not knowing back then what it would bring me into in the future. The mooc i chose was E-learning and Digital Cultures from Edinburgh University(#edcmooc). I’m  a teacher and a tech geek so i thought that it would be right up in my alley. It certainly was! In the 5 weeks the course went on, i was stimulated with new energy like never before. I learned a lot of new stuff and certainly got my curiosity filled up for a new adventure. @amyburwall made the start of the journey then she introduced the term “digital viking” Being a Dane, this was a great opportunity to honor my heritage and take their spirit into the new world of online learning. So now being a digital viking, i my interest grew more into, not where i was headed but how to get there. I have always been a creative person, but not very got at administration,so my passion quickly became creative processes. I had stumbled across Glaserfields theory about radical constructivism while studying to be a teacher and back then was quite shocked by it, now it began to make more sense to me and i was more of a radical constructivist, than just the inspired by Dewey i was before that.

#edcmooc was also a great resource to making a international PLN (personal learning network) which i am grateful of today. Being unemployed at the time, it gave me ideas and stuff to look further into and got my curiosity more fueled. During early summer i was looking into getting a master degree of some kind since getting a job, was not easy and our dear government had has some great issues with our education system earlier in spring which did i almost had lost my energy to be a teacher again. So by looking into what masters i could get, i got into information science in digital life at first, but then i found out it was greatly minded to work in big companies i left that again, then a friend of mine told me about the master of art in ICT based educational design have been moved to a combination of online studies and normal studies at my local university, i was hooked. 
Now 3 weeks into the study i couldn’t be more happy about it, this is really the way i wanted to go. It might not be the end of my journey, but it sure is a great thing to take aboard my ship, sailing out on a digital voyage.
I would not in my wildest dreams have thought that doing an online course back in january could lead to a master study later the same year. But i know that all the great people i meet doing #edcmooc is gonna be a part of my study since my most powerfull resource is that pln which they helped me create.
Now this digital viking set sail for new adventures..

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