A couple of weeks ago i read Steve Wheelers blog post about how pln could be seen as a cop instead – http://steve-wheeler.blogspot.dk/2013/11/pln-or-cop.html, it made me think about my own pln, working alot with Lave & Wengers theories about communities of practices on my study at the university i came to the conclusion that a large amount of my pln, mainly located on twitter could be seen as an CoP. I use twitter as a tool for getting new knowledge about education and learning, over my first 2 years i got to know a lot of new people.

Many of those people i been doing various MOOCS with over the time, getting a peak into their heads and learned how they see the world, as many have done the same with me. Have been a part of various online communities for around 20 years i have old friend which i never met and only know by their screen name, but i still know alot about them.

Today i saw a tweet from Ary Aranguiz (@trendingteacher) about #Fraingers, being a curious mind i looked into it. Maureen Mauher (maureen_maher), tweetet me this exploration:

Friends +Strangers (because you have never really met them except online)=Fraingers(part of your PLN)

I known both Maureen and Ary since we did #edcmooc together back in january and over the last year shared alot of thought and had some nice discussions and tweetchat with them. The term might be new and the culture is newer, but the roots of this term is as old as the internet itself.

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